Thursday, June 19, 2008

Canada Day Long Weekend Cruise Plan

Hello everybody!!!

The itinerary is ready, the plan is settled, reservations have been made!!!

So, here it is:

Friday 27:

For those brave ones daring to leave early, we will be at anchor or at the dock at Plumper Cove (I heard somewhere that those who dare go out Friday should be wearing ear plugs in order to avoid been diverted by the Mermaids singing as Sirena might want to lure you into their spell as they are leaving even before Friday)

Saturday 28:

For those early risers, breakfast will be served... I can offer some freshly brewed coffee and there is a rumor that some great muffins are Forever being baked every morning...

Later on we will have some leisure time and we will get ready for a pot luck Picnic onshore... Bob and Audrey might bring a BBQ that are donating to the Club, and we will bring our own boat BBQs and get some burgers done... Hopefully the weather gods will help us out and we might even have a nice campfire and melt some marshmallows and tell stories at night for kids and adults delight...

Sunday 29:

With great mixed feelings we will have to wave goodbyes to those of you that have to go back home as work won't let you stay on Monday... The rest of us will start the long and complicated Journey into the far, far, far away Gibson's Marina...

Monday 30:

Free time to wander around... I've been told there are some nice stores in town...

We have a dinner reservation at 6 pm at the Waterfront Restaurant... I have never eaten there but read some good reviews and the place has a nice view!

Tuesday July 1st: CANADA DAY

Gibsons is having it's own Festival at the Winemaker Park, just a stroll from the marina...

Later on those ones with some time concerns might go back home, otherwise feel free to join me in my trip to Princess Louisa Inlet...

Boats attending:

Forever (Neil McClelland)
Sirena (Bob & Audrey Gautschi)
Stainle$$ Steal (Doug & Brenda Bowers)
Grand Quetzal (Noel & June Phillips)
Coronita (Neil & Karen McLeod)
Dolphin (Antonio & Miriam Hurtado)

And a special welcome to Summer Sunset (Steve and Marguerite Donovan) in their first cruise as AYC members!!!

We have some other members that might join us as well... Let's hope they can join us!

Navigation highlights: (Click at the images to view a larger image)

This Google Earth image is not intended for navigation, please use proper navigational charts. Approximate cruising distance is 22 nautical miles each way.

Tides at Point Atkinson:

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