Monday, July 14, 2008

Bill Fredericks Memorial Service At Sea

Bill Fredericks Memorial will take place this coming Sunday, July 20th.

We will be leaving the Vancouver Marina docks at 11:00 am and heading towards the mouth of the North Arm. The final location for the Memorial will depend on weather conditions.

If you are planning to attend please contact Neil McLeod via cell phone: 604-278-5446 or via e-mail:

He is the Coordinator for this special event and is keeping track of the boats that have confirmed as well as allocating those of you that want to participate and do not have a boat or, for some reason or another, can not bring your boat as crew in somebody else's vessel...

To all the boats attending, we will be monitoring VHF channel 9.

Please join us (with or without a boat) for this important event.

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