Monday, July 14, 2008

Celebration of Light Cruise

This year the competition will be between Canada, USA and China!

The July 26 event will show the USA efforts to win this years competition and we will be able to see it in a front row!

We will depart from Vancouver Marina with at least 2 boats before noon on Saturday July 26th and head to English Bay in order to anchor one of the boats right at the edge of the safety perimeter and then we will leave the second boat anchored at False Creek. This two "mother ships" will serve as a gathering point to raft for other boats that might arrive later on the day, however, it is strongly recommended to be there as early as possible.

After the show has ended we will wait for most of the other boats to clear the area and then we will raft to the boat left at False Creek to spend the night there and return home on Sunday.

For those of you who do not want, or can not bring your boats, a dinghy "shuttle" will be arranged to pick you up and drop you off... Just bring your life jacket and something good to pay for the shuttle services...

Please contact me as soon as you know if you are attending!!!

We will set a list of people attending and what to bring for dinner as soon as possible...

Why are we going on the 26? Well, just because it is on a Saturday...

Why not for the Grand Finale? Because we will be in our August long weekend cruise to Silva Bay...

To see the program for the USA show click here

For the official boating safety instructions click here

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